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North Shore Billiard Academy
Located in Beautiful St. Charles, IL (35 miles West of Chicago)

Pool Room

Lessons for Players of all Skill Levels

Train with an ACS Master Instructor with over 4 decades of playing experience and over a decade in teaching hundreds of players.

Instructor: R.J. Wilkinson, ACS Master Instructor


ACS Master Instructor

House Pro at Rack'em Up (Buffalo Grove, IL)

Staff Instructor at CUE-U - The College of Pool & Billiards

Chicago City Champion - 8 Ball (17 and under)

2nd Place - Northern Illinois University Regional Event

Top 10 Team Finish (ACS Illinois State - Team Event)

Trained with the Following Experts:

Freddy "the Beard" Bentivegna (Banks HOF)
Earl Strickland (HOF pool player)
Nick Varner (HOF pool player)
Buddy Hall (HOF pool player)
Darren Appleton (HOF pool player)
Johnny Archer (HOF pool player)

Tom Simpson (Master Instructor)
Linda Radford (Master Instructor)
Mark Power (Master Instructor)
Mark Finklestien (Master Instructor)
Stan Shuffit (Aiming System Guru and Coach to the Pros)

What You Will Learn

Mechanics    Stroke Evaluation    Follow, Stop, Stun and Draw

Pattern Play    Position with Tangent Line     Speed Control

English     Breaking    Kicking    Banking    Jumping

2-hour lesson: $75
4-hour lesson: $125
8-hour lesson: $225
Bring a friend, spouse, brother, teammate...
2-hours with 2 students: $120 
4-hours with 2 students: $180
8-hours with 2 students: $350

To schedule lessons contact:  MagicChalkUSA@yahoo.com