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Testimonials from the largest Billiard Forum in the world -

Alex Pagulayan
-  Top Pro Player
It's great chalk, and I'm not even paid to say that!!!

John Brumback
- Professional Pool player and Banks Champion (not a paid endorser)
“Great chalk! you can feel the difference”

“After reading Dr. Dave's chalk testing article I picked up some Magic Chalk and I have found a new favorite chalk. It stays on the tip very well and does not leave a mess on my table and balls as compared to other chalks. That and the cost, 2 cubes under 8 bucks is reasonable to me.
I shot 9 Ball for 4 hours with a friend yesterday and chalked the Samsara Break Tip once and did not chalk it again and had no miscues and chalked once every other rack on my playing shaft with no miscues, just to see what would happened, so it definitely performed well. When I play in a tournament in a couple of weeks I will use Magic Chalk, but I will chalk more often, just in case. So for now I will use Magic Chalk when ever I am playing some one and use up my other stuff when practicing alone.”

“I got 4 cubes of Russian Magic Chalk a few months ago. I was a staunch user of Tweeten Triangle for years. I'm Still on the FIRST CUBE of RMC! You don't need to use it as much, so each cube lasts longer. Not as "dirty" as other brands either. Well worth $4-$5 per cube!”

ace911 (US OPEN player)
“Might be the best chalk I ever tried.”

“This is the best chalk I've ever used. Thus So, I'm not paid to say the truth, I tell what just happens to be fact.”

“I ordered/received 2 cubes a few days ago. I Reluctantly tried it thinking chalk
is chalk. I was really impressed with the Russian magic chalk. I hit at least a dozen extreme english shots in a row without rechalking without miscuing. I have no idea
why the chalk is great but in my opinion it is worth trying out.”

“Great stuff. Stays on long time and hands don't get near as grimy . Highly recommended!!”

Wedge (US Open player)
“I use it full time and chalk after every shot as it is part of my PSR with no problems. Russian Magic chalk is the best I have ever used. I gave Karen Corr a cube some months back and now RJ probably has trouble keeping her supplied!”

“Dr. Dave's independent review put it on the list. Tried it, liked it. Good stuff, less chalk, less mess. You got a convert”

“I have used just about all of the premium chalks.
I also tend to miscue from using extreme spin. The premium chalks have cut the miscues down compared to Masters chalk.
But there would be a miscue or two with Predator,Blue Diamond or Balabuska(messy chalk threw it in the trash after the first use)
So far 10 hours of play with Russian Magic chalk and no miscues and a very clean to use.
If you are on the fence about using this chalk give it try. It works as advertised.”

mortuarary mike
“But I will have to agree with you , magic chalk does make a noticeable difference and I think its one of the best chalks on the market.”

Allen Brown
“Magic Chalk is by far my favorite chalk on the market. It only took me buying about $500 worth of different chalks to figure that out......LOL.”

“Just ordered a couple more boxes from Seybert's - I think they charge $1 more for a box of two than RJ. Plus it helped me hit my minimum for free shipping!”

“For me the advantage of RM is what you may be looking for. For those who chalk every shot most of these chalks will do.
The Russian magic chalk I have been buying from RJ is by far the cleanest chalk I have tried. Table,hands and pool balls are much cleaner.”

Michael T
“This chalk really is superior to any others I have tried. I was very surprised.
Glad I decided to try it out”

“I will absolutely agree that it is "The Best Chalk of the World!"

Russian Magic chalk is the nuts.  Its so good my last and only cube was stolen off the table when i went to the bath room.  They left my $1000 cue but stole my chalk, how strong is that?